Juneteenth 2020

Well, here I go again with my never ending quest to make this sight something people will actually go to.

I have so much new material to play with and I'm itching to get at it. 

thank all of you that have help UA Studio stay (kinda) afloat during the pandemic with you mask orders. I can not express enough gratitude to you all.

Small businesses are dropping like flies. And now that the 'quarantine cage door'  has been let ajar, we are all hoping that there will be an economic turnaround for everyone.

My heart goes out to the hospitality industry. I spent more decades there than I care to mention. And let me tell you... tips are life!

Anyroad, Imma head out and do my part. Don a custom mask and raid the craft shoppes.

Hey.. btw... share your  UA Studio masks on our FB page & Group.

I wanna look into your beautiful mugs.

See you in the next world. DON'T BE LATE! 

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